How to remove a project from TFS Preview

By now you probably know that Microsoft is offering a FREE preview of TFS online. If you have a Microsoft account (previously Live Id), you already have a TFS account. Just sign in and start playing using the features!

So much usage will probably leave a few projects on your account that you don’t need at all. Time for some cleanup.
But, how do you delete a project from your TFS Preview account????

  • Open a VS2012 command prompt in administrator mode
  • Go to %programfiles%\Microsoft Visual Studio 11.0\Common7\IDE
  • Execute the following command (replace myproject and projectname with your values): tfsdeleteproject/collection:"" projectname

You might be prompted for your credentials and to confirm your request:

Warning: Deleting a team project is an irrecoverable operation. All version control, work item tracking and Team Foundation build data will be destroyed from the system. The only way to recover this data is by restoring a stored backup of the databases. Are you sure you want to delete the team project and all of its data (Y/N)?Y

Just hit Y and enjoy!



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